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 Our Courses

Group sessions with Music in Unison for little ones are the best introduction to the world of music. Numerous studies show that an early introduction to music positively impacts language and communication development, whilst other studies point to improved pattern recognition skills which are the basis for mathematical learning. Learning music at this age as part of a group is fun, developmentally appropriate and a great way to meet other parents and children. 



Mini Maestros Stage 1

Birth - 1 year

This course is all about encouraging our little ones to independently explore and discover the musical world around them. 

  • The focus of this course is for our babies to investigate and begin recognition through music making with our parents.


  • We’ll teach you techniques on how to create and facilitate musical conversations.


  • Our activities and songs can be used at home to develop and enhance our babies’ musical training outside of our classes.


 Which Stage is for you?

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Mini Maestros Stage 2

1 - 2 years

This course moves our little ones on to refining and performing as a group (ensemble).

  • The focus of this course is for our mini musicians to play the music in unison.


  • There is a stronger social aspect in this class to learning music with other children of a similar age, such as turn taking, listening and developing confidence to perform music.


  • Our activities and songs develop spatial awareness, coordination, and control over movements in tune to the music in our classes.



Mini Maestros Stage 3

2+ - 4+ years

Our course for Stage 3 is where we begin to weave the elements of discovery, exploration and music making all together. 

  • We introduce reading music which will be a natural progression to our young children’s learning.


  • We begin to apply musical concepts such as tempo, dynamics, and pitch through the medium of energising and exciting activities. 


  • The aim for this stage is when our mini musicians graduate is that they have a firm foundation in musicianship skills. They will then be primed and ready to begin their instrumental journey. 


Little Lullabies Workshops

Birth - 4 months

The Little Lullabies Workshop eases our new babies into the magical world of music.

  • With gentle melodies, soothing lullabies and live music, our babies and our parents have a special time to bond together through the music around them. 


  • The focus of this course is to facilitate our parents with the skills needed to make music with our babies in class and at home. 

  • This workshop is an ideal introduction for young and newborn babies.


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