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Class Etiquette

Mobile Phones

Please take mobile phone calls outside of the session and please put your phone on vibrate so as not to disturb the other participants.



Please don’t have private conversations whilst the session is in progress. It is particularly distracting when playing music as it takes away the focus from the sessions. Socialising between Mum’s, Dad’s and Carers is important to us, which is why we plan time at the end of each of our sessions for conversations, whilst we make you a hot drink.


Watch your Child

We do encourage child-led initiations. However, we request that you keep your child focused and prevent them from running around and throwing. From a health and safety point of view, it’s really important that you are watching your children at all times.


Get Involved

To really get the most out of the classes, please take the opportunity to fully interact with your child. Our sessions are aimed as much for the adult as the child. We are empowering you with musical skills and knowledge to take home to develop with your child.



Please be aware that some people have selected not to have any photographs taken of their child. These will be made known at the start of each session. Please ensure that you only take pictures of your own child.

Video Footage

Please do not take extended video footage of our content. Our material and methodologies are copyrighted and legally protected. For all course participants you will receive a link to a secure area with songs and material for you to use and practise at home.


One adult per booking

We limit the number of adults that attend each session as an adult dominated environment affects the children's interactions with each other and us. Each space purchased is based on 1 adult attending. We do offer other opportunities for adults to watch such as our concerts and one-off events.


Book on ALL siblings

Please book all sibling places in advance. Our equipment and room arrangements are based on the numbers booked via our site. Failure to book on a sibling will result in a lack of equipment and space for that session.



Any confrontational, aggressive or threatening behaviour towards our staff or other clients will not be tolerated. We refuse the right of service with no refund to anyone who is in breach of any of the above points.


We really love delivering Music in Unison and want to ensure that everyone who attends has a safe and enjoyable experience too.

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