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  • What ages are your sessions for?
    Our Stage 1 courses are for babies from birth to around 1 year (depending on if they’re on the move!). Stage 2 is from around 1 year to 2 years, and Stage 3 covers 2-4+ years. Our After school Stage 4 sessions are from 3+-5 years. Stage 5 is for 6 years and above. We are not rigid with our ages, as we know that every child is different, but these are rough guidelines. To find out more details, head to the following page:
  • Can siblings attend too?
    Yes, we would love them to join us! Please note though that their place must be booked in advance, to ensure we are able to adhere to capacity guidelines. Siblings under 6 months can come along for free! Over 6 months will be charged at half price. Please note only one adult is permitted per booking, if you would like two adults to attend, you must book an additional full price space.
  • Where are your sessions located?
    We currently inspire our mini maestros in the following locations: Tuesday and Wednesday we are based in Formby at St Peter’s Parish Hall (L37 7EH). For more information about Formby click here. Friday we are in the magnificent Liverpool Cathedral, in the Concert Room (L1 7AZ). For more information about Liverpool Cathedral click here.
  • How long do your sessions last?
    Classes in South Liverpool, Formby and Crosby last approximately 30 minutes with the opportunity to stay afterwards for a hot drink and a chat. Classes in Liverpool Cathedral last approximately 30 minutes with the opportunity to visit the coffee shop afterwards with complimentary free parking for up to 2 hours.
  • What are the times of your sessions?
    South Liverpool. Monday 10:30 - Stage 3 11:40 - Stage 2 12:50 - Stage 1 Formby Tuesday 9:30 - Stage 3 10:30 - Stage 2 11:45 - Stage 1 Crosby Thursday 9:30 - Stage 3 10:30 - Stage 2 11:45 - Stage 1 Liverpool Cathedral Friday 9:30 - Stage 3 10:30 - Stage 2 11:45 - Stage 1
  • What are your term dates?
    Each Music in Unison term is six weeks long, with a short break in between, often to fit around the school holidays. You can find the current term dates by clicking the following links: Formby Crosby South Liverpool Liverpool Cathedral
  • How much does a course cost?
    At our current structure our courses cost £55 for 6 weeks. This includes: 6 x 30 minute music sessions delivered through live music by at least two experienced and engaging music graduates. 30 minutes for Tea/Coffee and social gathering in a separate space within the venue (excluding Liverpool Cathedral as they have in-house coffee shop.) Free parking at Liverpool Cathedral for Friday clients. High quality, age-appropriate instruments and equipment to explore and enjoy with your little ones each week. Access to curated online resource hub with digital downloads & tutorials to reinforce learning that has taken place in the sessions. Priority booking for upcoming courses and concerts which are oversubscribed. Access to purchase merchandise and instruments.
  • I can't make 'x' week, can I have a refund?"
    We understand that life happens - whether it’s chicken pox, a flat tyre or a break to the Bahamas, there will be times that you can’t make a session for whatever reason. In that case, we would recommend gifting your session to a friend with a similar-aged child and dropping us a message to let us know who to expect.
  • I can't make 'x' week, can I swap?"
    Unfortunately, this is not something that we are able to facilitate due to the logistics involved and the extra time and cost that it involves. However, we do understand that things can come up and unforeseen circumstances can happen, and so are happy for you to offer your place to a friend and charge them for it. In these instances, we ask that you please let us know of the person attending in your place, so that we are aware and so that we can give them a warm Music in Unison welcome!
  • Can my mum bring my child as I'm in work this week?
    Yes of course, as long as it is only one adult, it is up to you who attends with your child. If you’re able to, it’s great if you can let us know in advance, so that we know who to expect, and can give them a warm Music in Unison welcome!
  • Can extra adults come along?
    We would be happy to accommodate additional adults whenever possible. Please let us know in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements. Capacity and availability may vary depending on the venue.
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