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 Which Stage is for you?

Group sessions with Music in Unison for little ones are the best introduction to the world of music. Numerous studies show that an early introduction to music positively impacts language and communication development, whilst other studies point to improved pattern recognition skills which are the basis for mathematical learning. Learning music at this age as part of a group is fun, developmentally appropriate and a great way to meet other parents and children. 


Little Lullabies

Little Lullabies .png


Birth - 5  Months

The "Little Lullabies Course" is an ideal introduction to the enchanting world of music for newborns.

  • With gentle melodies, soothing lullabies and live music, our babies and our parents have a special time to bond together through the music around them. 

  • The focus of this course is to facilitate our parents with the skills needed to make music with our babies in class and at home. 

  • This course is an ideal introduction for young and newborn babies.



Tuesday's 1pm

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Liverpool Cathedral

Coming Soon...


South Liverpool 

Monday 12.45pm

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