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The Music in Unison Method 

When Tara was on maternity leave from her job as an Early Years teacher, she noticed a real gap in music provision for children. Among the nursery-rhyme sing-a-longs, and baby bop sessions, there wasn’t anything that showcased real music - something that Tara was both passionate about, and knowledgeable in.


As a classically trained musician, and early years practitioner, Tara knew the incredible properties of music, on a baby’s developing brain. From bilateral movement with shakers helping to create the building blocks for crawling, to teaching children the concept of internalisation through puppet play. She knew that you could instil a love and appreciation for music at a young age, by combining early years’ and musical theory.


So, Music in Unison was born.

Since then, it has only grown in strength, with each term working on a musical concept, such as phrasing, rhythm or pitch, through fun and engaging songs - composed by Tara and her team. Each class ends with a piece of live music and moment of connection with the little ones, through a popular song played on instruments including the flute, ukulele, piano or piccolo. The children are encouraged to get curious about the instruments by seeing and feeling how they work up close.


There are no backing tracks in the classes, just live music, and instruments, complimented by other equipment such as ribbons, scarves, balls and puppets to help the children visualise the concepts.


The Music in Unison Method allows your child to learn the foundations of musical concepts, in a fun and engaging way, that will help them becoming budding musicians of the future.


So, start your musical journey with us today.

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