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Music in Unison ®

Group music classes that develop your child's musical ability.

What you say...


 Classes from birth to
7 years old. 

The absolute best! The sessions are so enjoyable, well thought out and give exposure to real instruments and music, the live music in every class is a treat! 

Layla Meshykhi

The musicians are wonderfully talented both at their instruments and at communicating a love of music to the children in the sessions.

Anna O'Rourke

The classes are so well run and are very well thought out - it's clear the team have a wealth of knowledge as educators.

Natalie Murphy

Find a Class

Find a Class

Stage 3.png

Stage 3

2.5 - 4 Years

Stage 4.png

Stage 4

4 - 6 Years

Stage 5.png

Stage 5

6+ Years

Little Lullabies (1).png

Little Lullabies 

Birth - 4 Months

STage 1 (1).png

Stage 1

5 Months - Walking

Stage 2

Stage 2

Walking - 2.5 Years

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07375 923 766

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