Music Education Courses



(8 - 18 months)

Newborn Babies 

(0 - 7 months) 

Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers

Classical Music Concerts for Children

Our group sessions give your little one the perfect introduction to the world of music. The focus of these sessions is to provide a foundation in musical skills in a progressive, informal manner. All sessions are delivered through the medium of live classical music, encouraging a hands on, exploratory approach to music making. 


Our 'Take it to the floor' concert series is about getting 'up close' and being immersed in the musical activities. Created for babies and young children the concert happens on the floor, with our little spectators being able to get up close to see, hear and feel the musical action. Our professional musicians  perform on a range of classical instruments to entertain and delight our budding mini-musicians. 

Instrumental Tuition

Coming soon...  

Online Music Resources

We have a range of online resources that support and compliment our course sessions. From free YouTube short tutorials to longer, more in depth lessons via our Patreon membership scheme. 

Work with Schools


Our work with schools involves a multi-level approach. This includes curriculum provision across all key stages from early years to year 6, extra-curricular activities, music policy creation, assessment, peripatetic timetabling and management, resource management, teacher training and CPD, quality assurance and forging links with outside agencies and other music providers. 


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