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What is musicianship training?

At Music in Unison, we believe in training the child to be a musician and not just an instrumental player. Musicianship training provides children with a firm musical foundation with transferable skills across the multi-disciplinary facets of music.

What it involves:


Singing is natures built in musical instrument. Without the technical complexities of learning an instrument, singing enables the child to acquire the skills of musical memory, inner hearing (internalisation) and intonation (pitch matching.)


You cannot read and understand rhythm until you can feel rhythm in your body. Steady beat and rhythm should be taught physical before it is introduced theoretically.

Beginning to read full rhythmic notation
Rhythmic notation

Creating rhythms

Building on steady beat and rhythm, our students begin to create their own rhythmic ideas through improvisation and eventually, notation.

Creating melodies

Depending on their understanding of melodic structure and tonality, our students will begin to compose their own melodic ideas and patterns.

Listening and responding

Through active listening, our students use their body, props and instruments, to analyse and interpret musical concepts and ideas.

Ensemble skills

Our students will develop their skills to perform as part of a group by listening and responding to other players contributions.

Learning a wide variety of instruments

This initially includes voice, un-tuned percussion and tuned percussion. As our students’ progress through the programme this will become refined to a classical instrument of their choice.


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