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How can I help my child to become more musical?

Contrary to popular belief, musical children are not a product of a set of genetic gifts. Rather, they are the product of parents who engage and expose their children regularly to a variety of musical experiences. The most successful musical children are those whose parents also engage with the musical journey.

This is good news for the majority of parents who haven’t had any formal musical training, as now the playing field is even. At Music in Unison classes, we provide a structured environment for music making, giving the parents real-life music making skills to adopt at home. As well as this, parent’s musicianship is trained alongside that of their little ones. The classes are not entertainment, where the leader engages with the children and parents are passive, but rather, education, where the parents are an integral part of the process and are actively involved.

Take a look at our YouTube Channel for tutorials and ideas.


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