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Little Puppet

This song helps to embed the concepts of anticipation, internalisation and awareness of phrasing.


Place babies to face you (if they can sit upright) or cradle them in your arms. Hide the puppet away behind your back, then reveal for the peek-a-boo moment. Move the puppet far and near and side to side to promote eye tracking. Begin to vocalise and leave enough silence in between for your little one to respond.


Your toddler may wish to begin to imitate you when you peek-a-boo, or indeed take the puppet and recall the action themselves. At this point, they may say peek-a-boo or some variety of this at the correct point.


This activity can be done in pairs with their peers, or they can take the lead in the activity and your role will be that of participator. Your little one may begin to sing some or all of the words with some accuracy towards pitch.

Top Tip

Try always to make eye contact with activity. It intensifies the experience and allows for you both to be engaged and connected,


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