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Ram Sam Sam

This song reinforces a steady beat whilst building upon this with rhythm.


To begin with, sit your baby facing outwards so they have support against their back. Begin with the steady beat, bring the opposite hand and foot across the midline to touch. Repeat this swapping sides. Next cross babies’ legs over in a scissor motion alternating one then the other. Repeat this action with their hands. Finally introduce the rhythm by bouncing the babies up and down in time to rhythm. See attached video:


Have toddlers facing you (if they are able to) whilst you facilitate their movements. Begin by tapping the steady beat on their knees. Next using the rhythm, a pattern will be repeated, requiring your toddler to look, listen, co-ordinate and then assimilate the actions See attached video.


For preschoolers they will have a firm grasp of the steady beat and the rhythmic pattern and what we aim to do now is embed the concept of the rhythmic Solfege names.

Top Tip:

This can be repeated with changes in tempo and dynamics.


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